All About Baby Bassinets

Baby bassinets (sometimes referred to as “moses baskets”, or “carry cots”) are designed for very small children from birth to approximately six months old. Bassinets form an oval shape that provides the baby with a comfortable feeling of being wrapped up in the womb.  This helps to ease the transition from birth to baby’s formative years.  When choosing a bassinet, you’ll want to be sure it has several key features before buying.  You’ll also want to decide whether or not you want a portable or stationary type of bassinet.  Most young couples find that portable bassinets gives them more flexibility if they need to go outside or travel to the local store.  In any case, be sure to look for these features:

- Make sure your new bassinet has a firm mattress.  Studies have shown that firm mattresses helps to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  

- Look at “portability” features.  Is the bassinet able to be carried or rolled from place to place?  Where can it be taken?  Can you take it outside the home?

- How comfortable does the bassinet appear to be?  Does it form a cocoon shape?  Can you get a good look at your child when the bassinet is placed on the floor?

- How expensive is the bassinet?  Be careful on price, because once your baby can roll over, bassinets are no longer useful as your baby could get hurt if it falls out.  At this point, you’ll want to transition your baby to a crib or play pen.  Remember, this is for their safety.

Baby bassinets are usually a top priority at baby showers.  Because they are relatively inexpensive, they make great gifts for new parents.  If you are going to buy a bassinet as a gift, be sure you consult with the owners to find out if they have any specific color schemes in mind for their new child.  If so, bassinets come in a huge variety of colors and shapes.  One of my favorites is the “wicker bassinet”…  This basket style bassinet is ideal and typically comes with a handle, similar to a picnic basket.  You can find the kind that rocks, so the baby can be cradled and rocked at the same time.

wicker bassinet that rocks

wicker bassinet that rocks

If you’re looking for a dual purpose baby bassinet, check out one that converts into a stroller.  The convertible style bassinets are becoming increasingly more popular as people try to tame the costs of having a baby.  With a convertible bassinet stroller, you get the best of both worlds.  When you’re not strolling baby around town, simply remove the cradle portion of the stroller and just like that, you have a fully portable baby bassinet.  Check it out:

Very nice bassinet-stroller combo

Very nice bassinet-stroller combo

Notice the carrying handle on top of the baby’s bassinet.  This will allow you to transport baby very easily from one room to the next without waking up your new born.

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